4 key benefits of flying in private jets that go beyond comfort

When talking about private jets, the first thing that may pop into your mind is comfort and luxury. But, if you can get the same level of comfort when flying in first class of any airline, then why would you want to pay thousands more? Well, private jets can offer you things beyond comfort and luxury. You can take the private jet charter service Paris and experience it yourself. For now, below are the four real benefits of flying in private jets that go beyond comfort.

1 – Faster trips

Private jets don’t rely on the same hub-and-spoke-network as used by commercial airlines. If your plane has adequate fuel capacity, then it directly takes you to the destination. It saves significant time, and as you already know, time is money. Private jets climb quicker than airlines, and they fly faster too. It puts them above traffic and bad weather also. During your trip, you can benefit from the prompt private concierge service London.

2 – Privacy allows you to be more productive

Flying in the business class of an airline might not allow you to have a confidential conversation, lest getting heard by someone. But, private jets offer complete privacy, and it further leads to more productivity. In a survey conducted by the National Business Aviation Association, respondents stated that they were 20% more productive when flying with a company aircraft. Whereas people flying in commercial airlines experienced a 40% drop in productivity.

3 – Minimal time on the ground

Private jets don’t require huge runaways, and they can take off from smaller spots. The good news is the number of smaller airports is far more than the major ones. It means you don’t have to travel far to reach the airport. And your jet can also help arrive closer to your destination. You also don’t have to worry about TSA and check-in lines, and you can come to the airport minutes before the flight.

4 – Fly with your pet

When you are going to travel for an extended period of time, you wouldn’t want to leave your pet behind. It can be challenging to fly with your pet considering the guidelines of commercial airlines. Sending your fur baby in an airline cargo can be difficult for both you and the pet. When you fly with a private jet, you can take your pet along, experiencing the same comfort as you. After your trip you use a a chauffeur service London to take you to your location comfortably and hassle-free.

In a nutshell

Those were the four real benefits of flying in private jets that go beyond comfort. When flying with a private plane, you can have a faster trip, minimal time on the ground, and absolute privacy. You also have the privilege of flying with your pets.

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