Do you know these etiquette tips for private jet charter service London?

Most of the affluent personalities have a dedicated expectation of what they want from their travel plans. Be it private jet charter service Paris or limousine service London, they expect to travel without any hassles and travel in luxury. But with this expectation, comes the responsibility of maintaining some etiquette. This way, you ensure that there is no issue or hiccups in travel plans because of you or your staff.

Want to know what these private jet etiquettes are? Then read on and be informed.

1 –Make sure that there is no holdup in departure for any reason within your control. Communication is key, so inform the pilot when you are on your way to the airport. This will give time for the pilot to coordinate with air traffic control and necessary documents ready before take-off.

2 – Make a prior request for additional services that aren’t standard to the private jet. So if you need special sleeping materials, or need a concierge to work for you during the flight, make sure to request for it a few weeks before the flight. This will give the private jet rental company  enough time to arrange this for you.

3 – Did you know that the captain always sits on the left hand side of the aircraft? This means that you need to take a seat on the right hand side of the jet. This way, you will get an unobstructed view in from the front with open skies.

4 –Be it beverages, champagne, food or dry fruits, anything available on the aircraft is meant for you to enjoy. So, don’t hold back, feel at home, and enjoy the flight. Be ready to be pampered by the thoughtful services provided by the best private jet charter service London.

5 – Make a request that the aircraft be on the ground for the duration of your travel. This way when you need to return back home, the aircraft is ready and waiting. Suppose if your travel plan changes and the date of your travel is brought forward before your actual return date, you won’t face any issues as the aircraft would be ready and waiting on the ground to receive you and your delegation.

6 – Do you want to show your generosity to the flight crew? You can always tip them. The stewardess and the pilot will definitely appreciate your generous gesture and may go above and beyond in their delivery of their service to you and your co-passengers on the private jet.

7 – Make sure that the pilots and captain do not lose their focus prior to the flight, during take-off, prior to landing, and during the actual landing. They need to do their job with total focus and attention is needed, and your attempt to make conversation with them during these stages, may be unsafe for everyone travelling on-board.

To sign off

The next time you think of taking the best private jet charter service London, you will surely remember this post. It will help you maintain decent etiquette and be considerate of the staff and people around you.

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