Elite Private Luxury Travel Trends for 2021 and Beyond

At Cevalon, the quest for finding the cream of the crop for luxury experiences never rests. It is a by-product of our mission to consistently provide our elite customers with unparalleled services, wherever they are, in our constantly evolving world.

Today, we would like to share our findings with you, and give you the chance to explore new opportunities. Here are the latest trends that we think most reflect the shifts in traveller needs and demands of today, as well as the innovations taking place across aviation, hospitality and beyond that demonstrate how companies are responding – and even anticipating – new behaviours and desires.

Curated Drives 

High-end hotels and travel companies across the globe have been emerging with their signature brands of luxury road trips, that give their guests a curated luxury experience every step of the way. The experiences do not spare any expenses. From route planning – including stops for gorgeous photo opportunities and decadent meals – to organising rare or vintage vehicle loans and even tailing guests in a convoy of support vehicles. One way to look at these VIP road trips is a mobile showcase for the finest hospitality brands in the business.

Debut Charters & VIP Terminals

As a result of the global pandemic, private jet firms have seen tremendous growth and a new set of first-time customers. For high-net-worth individuals, private aviation represented not just a preferred mode of travel but a necessity for those stranded abroad, as well as those conscious of preventable contact and touch points.

Cevalon is no stranger to private charters and VIP terminals that are hidden away for individuals willing to pay for the comfortable and expedited experience. Our guests can relax in their own suite while agents deal with protocols; after clearing a private TSA screening, a luxury transfer shepherds them to their aircraft.

Overseen by our executive assistants, we operate a unique combination of luxury travel management services and an exceptional private luxury yacht charter service and private jet charter service. Our aim is to move you, your family or your business around the world, or around the corner, in timely and efficient luxury.

Landscape Cabins 

The desire to reconnect with nature has been one of the more positive trends that has emerged from this pandemic. Over the last year, demand for remote accommodations away from cities has continued to soar, with rural listings on Airbnb earning hosts more than US$5 billion since March 11, 2020. The platform has even gone so far as to launch a programme called “rural bootcamp” which was created to help non-urban communities unlock access to their homes more easily. A noteworthy luxury experience that has emerged from this demand is Cuba’s Veliz Arquitecto that has designed 150 sqm cocoon-like mountain cabins. Switzerland’s Cube Aletsch on the Eggishorn near the Aletsch Glacier offers guests a place for an overnight stay and is only accessible by cable car. The cosy cube features a large glass façade, terrace and hot tub, more than 2,800 metres above sea level.

At Cevalon, we are happy to share our knowledge about these beautiful experiences with our clients, and make it our business to stay two-steps ahead when there are unique luxury experiences through our Private Jet Charter Service London.

Cevalon can help you find the destination that will excite and delight you and your family, and provide an itinerary that gives you the opportunity to create unforgettable vacation memories, through our High Net Worth Family Office Services. Contact us today…

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