LAX Opens its New Luxurious Salon Lounge

At Cevalon, we have to stay up to date about current and upcoming luxury trends and experiences for our travelling clients. In their busy lives, we play the important role of seamlessly taking them between destinations with the utmost care and consideration to their fine tastes.

For this reason, we are delighted to tell you all about an emerging luxury hot spot in LA that is perfect for our Cevalon clients. 

Traveling in and out of LA is about to get even better with a new luxury lounge and private terminal called The Salon, which is an elevated social space for solo travellers and small groups to enjoy. The Salon has all the bells and whistles, featuring a full bar, an expansive outdoor garden and top-shelf food and drinks. The Salon will be available for both arrival and departure guests, and once inside this luxurious space, guests will have full access to a full menu and bar through the property’s partnership with renowned Los Angeles-based restaurateurs. The complimentary menu offerings are California- and Mediterranean-inspired, and feature a seasonal rotation of foods and beverages. Each selection is a chef-prepared, made-to-order plate or handcrafted cocktail.

LAX Opens its New Luxurious Salon Lounge

The lounge allows its travelling guests to avoid the long lines and general discomfort of the main airport terminal. Guests will have access to expedited TSA screening on departure, customs and immigration processing on international arrival and direct-to-aircraft transportation across the airfield. Upon landing at LAX, Salon guests will be greeted at the aircraft door by a PS agent and escorted directly from the plane to the luxury terminal, where they can wait comfortably for their luggage to be delivered. 

A few things to take note of are, they only entertain guests 21 years old and above, and their doors are not open to pets. 

The look of The Salon was tastefully crafted by well renowned LA designer Cliff Fong, featuring placements of vintage Goyard pieces, one-of-a-kind antiques and tastefully arranged coffee table books make the space feel more like the stylish home of a friend than an airport lounge. The Salon also boasts a curated art installation programmed by Creative Art Partners, whose collection includes over 15,000 unique pieces from artists all around the world.

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