The Champion of Sustainable Luxury: Patina Maldives Fari Islands

As a provider in the industry of luxury lifestyles and tourism, we couldn’t help but turn our eyes to the Patina Maldives Fari Islands resort, a modern marvel that is setting a new standard for sustainable luxury in tourism.

Being that the Maldives has been under severe threat of rising sea levels as a consequence of climate change, the team that built the Patina Maldives, has gone above and beyond to prove its dedication to sustainable travel. Beautiful is an understatement, when describing the Patina Maldives Fari Islands, but the awe behind this place lies in the sustainable measures and methods they used during its construction and operations. 

During construction, locally sourced, biodegradable and reusable materials are being incorporated wherever possible (all timber is FSC-certified and sourced from 100 percent transparent supply chains), while all 1,600 workers have been given refillable water bottles to minimise rubbish. There are no single-use plastics to be found on the premises. 

A solar plant by Swimsol (a company specialising in marine offshore solar panels and also the leading solar panel provider in the Maldives) serves as a source of renewable energy, with aims to provide 50 per cent of the resort’s needs by 2030. This is supported by the Patina Maldives’ participation in global “carbon sequester” programmes that neutralise its carbon output. Future plans include investing in long-term Blue carbon partnerships and a solar-powered transportation fleet.

The resort has recently opened its doors to guests, and provides them with a luxury zero waste experience.  The Patina Maldives advocates a “nose-to-tail, root-to-leaf” culinary principle; their on-site  organic garden provides their chefs with a vital source that flourishes under the principles of permaculture. The fish on their menus are accredited as sustainable. All off-island ingredients will be sustainability sourced and accredited by EarthCheck or the International Pole and Line Foundation, with local provenance a clear priority.

Guests that are looking forward to their alcoholic beverages are also in for a treat, as every cocktail and spirit served at the Patina Maldives, including the Fari Beach Club, will eliminate 30 grams of carbon emissions in comparison to drinks crafted at beverage outlets with conventional labels. 

Over at the Patina Maldives’ kids’ centre, Footprints (which is 100% powered by the sun), activities designed to educate the next generation in the importance of conservation are on offer, powered entirely by Swimsol. At Footprints’ “Fab Lab”, kids can turn recycled ocean plastic into models using 3D printing and laser cutting technology, while in its culinary studio, children are introduced to growing veggies.

Free diving lessons and PADI dive certifications are provided to both younger guests and as a gift to local Maldivian children, complemented by efforts to tackle plastic pollution and implement a comprehensive coral propagation project.

In addition to these longer-term projects, Halevai founder and Parley for the Oceans crew member, Frank Heidinger, is collaborating with the Fari Islands on guest programming, leading regular beach clean-ups both on-resort and on neighbouring local islands, for example. (For every stay, 10kgs of marine plastic will be collected, cleaned and repurposed into Parley ocean plastic material.)

A stay at the Patina Malvies Fari Islands, is hands down, the ultimate sustainable luxury experience. The entire essence of this supreme location is testament that focused efforts can make a positive impact and can be an activity and lifestyle enjoyed by everybody, as they have successfully done it at a smaller scale. 

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