Travel and Private Charter Services in Munich

Overseen by our executive assistants, we operate a unique combination of luxury travel management services and an exceptional private luxury yacht charter service and private jet charter service in Munich. Our aim is to move you, your family or your business around the world, or around the corner, in timely and efficient luxury.

Our unsurpassed global know-how ensures your destination is perfect. Be that a private island to be away from it all, or the most efficient location for a business liaison.

Our bespoke travel services in Munich include:

Private & Corporate Travel Co-ordination

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, our private and corporate travel service in Munich ensures each journey is smooth, discreet and hassle free.

Let us arrange and manage your flight and accommodation bookings, private charters, airport transfers, car hire and everything that lets you take your mind off the road and so you can prepare for arriving at your destination, relaxed and ready.

Private & Business Flight & Hotel Plans & Booking

Smooth travel is about making the right connections.

Through our Private & Business Flight & Hotel Planning and Booking services you can rely on our connections to get you the best deals with commercial airlines, reservations at the finest hotels or even find you the perfect holiday destination.

We can compliment commercial airline flights with bespoke private jet hire in Munich and charter services in Munich, private aircraft charter services in Munich and private helicopter charter services in Munich.

We will arrange your stay whether in a luxury city hotel, or elegant country house, and get you there however you prefer to travel.

Holiday Planning & Itineraries

When you need to get away from it all, whether for relaxation or adventure, with our Holiday Planning & Itineraries service we craft and create a bespoke plan to suit your lifestyle.

We can help you find the destination that will excite and delight you and your family, and provide an itinerary that gives you the opportunity to create unforgettable vacation memories.

This may include exploring remote destinations by air, road, sea, or even skis, setting sail on a luxury ocean-bound cruise, embarking on a grand European tour in a classic car or hiding away in a glamorous romantic resort location for the ultimate honeymoon. We arrange everything to your tastes – travel, accommodation, restaurants, equipment and your timings.

Holiday Luxury Car Hire

Holidays are an opportunity to try new things; why shouldn’t that include a new car.

Our Holiday Luxury Car Hire service puts you in the driving seat of the car you desire.

From the latest Lamborghini Huracán to a classic Aston Martin, we bring the car to you so you can drive your holiday your way.

Travel Private Charter

Holiday Home Rental

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you don’t need to feel at home.


Our Holiday Home Rental service ensures that your perfect vacation accommodation is the home you need to set out on the adventures and activities you have planned and make the most of your stay.


This may be a luxury hotel or resort, a private villa or penthouse apartment, a convenient location for an overnight stay or somewhere tucked away for some rest and relaxation. We can provide chefs to cook evening meals or local tour guides to show you the best a region has in store.

By allocating you a dedicated charter specialist, we can discretely arrange the aviation or yachting service that will best move you across the world, when and where it suits you.

Our private aircraft charter services in Munich and private helicopter charter services in Munich include:

Private Jets

If you need to move at your own pace – whether fast or slow – our private jet hire in Munich and aircraft charter services in Munich can provide the means to travel when you need to travel, with the luxury and impeccable service to suit your lifestyle.

Through our private jet charter services in Munich we provide everything from scheduling and ground transportation to in-flight meals and entertainment. Offering unbeatable in-cabin comfort, a queue-free departure experience and no fear of missed flights – a private jet hire charter service in Munich will always wait for you.

We aim to provide the best jet charter service in Munich. We can arrange turboprops for short-haul flights, light-jets and mid-size jets for medium-haul flights and heavy-jets and business-jets for long-haul flights, all with the efficiency, flexibility and independence that comes only with a private jet charter in Munich.

Bell 525 Relentless

Private Helicopters

In addition to our private corporate jet charter services in Munich, for short-haul flights reaching less accessible areas, or even just to celebrate a special event, you can also use our private helicopter charter service in Munich.

We can fly you right into the heart of a city for an urgent meeting, an unforgettable sight-seeing tour with a birds-eye view, or access to remote locations including untrekked mountaintops for skiing the most striking slopes of virgin snow.

Private Yachts

If you prefer to take to the water, our private luxury yacht charter service in Munich has all the insight on the best boats and the best crew to ensure a smooth sailing.

We can provide a professionally crewed sailing yacht for an elegant island-hopping adventure, or a super yacht for your own exclusive luxury cruise.

Across the globe, from the Mediterranean to the Galapagos, the Caribbean to the Arctic, our experts can connect you with the vessel and the crew for the ultimate sea-faring escape.

"Constantly considering what you need, exactly before you need it, and then flawlessly providing it."

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