Travel Trend: The Rise of Beta Destinations

Based on statistics provided by the World Economic Forum, despite looming global inflation, we are surprisingly a few years away from living in a world where more than half of the population will be middle class or wealthier.

Looking at this trajectory from a travel and tourism perspective, this translates to a higher rate of the population looking to spend disposable income on travel, especially after the hiatus brought about by the global pandemic. As proud service providers in the luxury travel industry, our team at Cevalon are eager to meet this demand head on, and today we are letting you in on the rapid growing trend of, Beta Destinations.

Let us start by defining the term Beta Destination, which was coined back in 2019. It is used to classify lesser-known destinations that do not typically bear the same level of glamour as its counterpart, Alpha Destinations, such as Paris, New York, Amsterdam, and the likes. 2022 and onwards is seeing luxury travellers shift their focus to the less congested Beta Locations and we agree that this is a trend that can appeal to everyone else, as they also present numerous benefits for travellers on a lower budgets. Beta destinations for the most part are cheaper to travel to in comparison to Alpha Destinations.

Alpha Destinations have become synonymous with over tourism, and for now, Beta Destinations are a solution for tourists who are looking to get away and gain a greater feel of foreign culture and a nature perspective, as well as emerging hotel scenes that are very far from saturation point. Some Beta Destinations that are currently going in that direction are Panama, Tulum, the Azores, Zadar, and Transylvania. As these types of locations begin to come into focus, the newfound tourist attention brings with it a need for development in these places, meaning that in due time, they could very well become Alpha Destinations.

The question is, how do Beta Destinations remain Beta Destinations and retain their local charm in the long run? This is something that several tourist boards are trying to address by imposing measures like tourist taxes and caps on visitors in the effort to maintain a balance. A strong example of a Beta Destination that has these types of restrictions in place is Bhutan. They are charging a Sustainable Development Fee” of US$200 per night to counter over tourism, and avoid becoming a mass market destination. High potential Beta Destinations recognise the economic boost from the resurge of tourism, but they also want to retain the destination for themselves, and it requires a delicate balancing act.

Another part of the equation that is gaining traction is low season travel, and this is most applicable when we are talking about island destinations where airlift can be a big challenge. Similarly, low season travellers capitalise on destinations when they are significantly less crowded. Low season travel is a niche pursuit that is largely untapped, but shows massive potential for the travel and tourism industry. The challenge will come down to marketing from local tourism authorities, who currently think very little of their own low season.

The growing interests between Beta Destination and low season travel have a common denominator that attracts travellers, and it is the chance to experience local charm in a setting that isnt overrun by other tourists. Beta Destinations now have the challenge of sustaining their culture, people, values, and environment as they open their doors to eager travellers.

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