What Tomorrow’s Luxury Travellers Truly Desire

As you may already know, at Cevalon, our ongoing efforts are dedicated to masterfully anticipating the needs and desires that define our clientele of luxury travellers.

We have deduced that the rebirth of travel in 2022 will be moulded by the changing attitudes and demands of the 1%. Our experts have identified a series of conscious and subconscious drivers that will be influencing the decisions of luxury travellers in 2022, and we are ready as ever. Today, we are going to share our insights with you.

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It should not come as a surprise that the majority of the high net worth members of the world have continued to live an excessively high life during the pandemic, but nonetheless we predict that 2022 will be the year that they fully reach their stride. We attribute this to the fact that we are now at the point where booster vaccines are in distribution, giving them the notion of protection. This will result in parties making a big come-back. Our luxury travellers have been yearning to jump at the chance to demonstrate their freedom and let the world know it.

Frivolities of all kinds will define the years ahead – 2022 will almost certainly mark the start of the next roaring twenties. We foresee that opulence and maximalism will take centre stage.


Considering that our demographic of luxury travellers have virtually seen it and done it all, there we predict that there will be a desire for them to return to their favorite destinations to bring back the nostalgia of the good old days when life was more carefree. You will see them flock back to these places they loved and possibly seek out other places that charm, comfort and a slice of the Golden Era.

Simplicity and Seclusion

All trends naturally come with counter trends. For every luxury traveller that is likely to be spotted living it large at a yacht party, there are those on the opposite side of the spectrum who yearn to disengage from the trappings of wealth. Despite these people having spent their lockdown in their lavish homes, they will use 2022 for enforced periods of contemplation. These people are looking for places that offer them a chance to reconnect with nature, reconnect with themselves and reconnect with others.

Simplicity and Seclusion

Rebirth and transformation are highly coveted experiences because of the pandemic. Travel is an excellent tool to break free of mundane life and seize the chance to evolve as human beings. We could see a resurgence of elite wellness retreats or solo journeys.

Aliveness and Adrenaline Experiences 

Everyone hoped that 2021 would be the year that travel made its big comeback, but that is not quite how it panned out. We have shifted our sights to 2022 to give people the opportunity to fulfill their big bucket-list style adventures and expeditions that they have set aside for too long.

For those that are blessed with financial wealth, they have had more freedom than those that don’t, but nonetheless, it has still been challenging for them to circumvent closed borders and gain safe access to places like Mount Everest where Covid outbreaks have been rampant.

The quest for the feeling of aliveness from travel will be present amongst many high net worth individuals. For those of them who can afford it, a trip into space might be on the horizon.


Research has revealed that the 1% are responsible for twice the carbon emissions than the 50%. We are starting to see a rise in conscientious travellers who want low-impact vacations. Luxury vacation opportunities are becoming widely available. These are high end experiences that allow the rich to give back to local communities and travel responsibly.

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