Taking care of your to-do list

We focus our individual attention to the unique requirements of you and your family. From holidays to education, family office to medical care or the perfect gift, our experience and insight ensures nothing distracts you from enjoying your personal and family life to the full.

We also believe your corporate life should run seamlessly. So we ensure all office services, business arrangements, additional organisational resources and travel are delivered at the perfect time and place. By people who are intuitively always a couple of steps ahead.

“Let our experience and insight ensure nothing distracts
you from enjoying your personal life to the full”

Our private concierge services and corporate concierge services include:

We know how precious time can be, and with Cevalon’s personal luxury concierge services and corporate concierge services we provide the assistance that ensures you have more of your time to yourself.

With our luxury concierge services and bespoke corporate concierge services whether it’s running errands such as collecting prescriptions or walking the dog, or you need some late arrangements for a meeting or a social engagement through our bespoke concierge services we can suggest and reserve a venue for your appointment or procure those exclusive tickets to the big show that’s the talk of the town.

Let Cevalon’s full concierge service and highly-trained and attentive concierge team give you peace of mind, and a piece of time, to enjoy some luxurious relaxation knowing that your to-do list is taken care of.

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Cevalon’s business is about keeping you moving when you need to and that includes keeping your business moving.

With Cevalon’s Executive Personal Assistants service we can provide an assistant to be on-hand for all your day-to-day business requirements, from note-taking to scheduling meetings to answering phone calls.

Whether you need support for a short-term trip or a more permanent PA, we can provide the assistant that takes care of the little things that give you the time to run your business your way.

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Seeing the sights can be an exhausting experience, especially when you and your family are running from location to location to make the most of your trip.

Let Cevalon’s Bespoke Sightseeing & Bookings Services make all the arrangements so that whether you’re taking an open-top tour of a city, or venturing into natural landscapes, you can focus on enjoying the view and not where you need to be next.

We can manage your transport between locations, book priority tickets to beat the queues and provide exclusive tours to ensure each experience is an unique new memory to treasure.

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Whether you have a penchant for fine dining or fine art, with Cevalon’s Dining, Culture, Sport & Entertainment Reservations Services we can ensure you have the best seats at the best prices to get the culture you crave.

Let Cevalon’s experienced and connected team open doors, hold tables and secure your VIP access to everything from sporting events to exclusive concerts, or from nightclubs to a night at the opera. We can make recommendations and reservations – if a restaurant is fully booked we will secure a table at an equal alternative.

For access to private members’ clubs, red-carpet premiers, first class football matches or front-row seats at Fashion Week, Cevalon can make the arrangements to ensure you get the right seats and the right ambience to make a night in the city truly memorable.

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Giving someone the perfect gift can go a long way, but can also take a long time.

We make choosing a gift easy, with our Personal Shopping Assistant (Gifts & Tours) Services, who take the time to understand you and your preferences and requirements to find just the right present for the one you love, or even the right treat for yourself.

Whether it’s Christmas Shopping for the whole family, rewarding your workforce or refreshing your own wardrobe, we make shopping easy by finding your favourite brands, sourcing exclusive products and ordering deliveries to where you want it, when you it.

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While your business can’t always take care of itself, Cevalon’s Secretarial Assistance can at least take care of the admin.

Let our resourceful and efficient secretarial services assist in all forms of the day-to-day office administration, from scheduling appointments and meetings, to transcribing, drafting, formatting and proofreading important documents.

Cevalon’s discreet and resourceful team can send and receiving invoices on your behalf, and handle your mail and your mail-outs, with dedication and care.

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Exploring new countries and cultures is part of what makes travel magical and international trade exciting; however, language barriers can mean you are not getting the whole picture.

Our Translators and Interpreters Services can provide you with the assistance you need to get the best out of bi-lingual business deals, access the authentic stories behind a new city and forge stronger bonds with international friends and partners.

We can ensure your event, meeting or trip has the right language, or sign-language, services to make sure everyone can be understood.

Concierge Services 7

To look after your family and your business you must first look after yourself and Cevalon’s Wellness, Health & Medical Services offer a wide range of professionals and retreats to get you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Through Cevalon’s network of health professionals, combined with access to medical facilities and retreats we can guide you through wellness and mindfulness programmes to leave you sound of body and of mind.

We can recommend personalised plans for you and your family, and even co-ordinate corporate wellness retreats to ensure your staff are feeling as relaxed and confident and as you.

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