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In addition to our bespoke private concierge services and corporate concierge services our Executive Assistants can support our private, family and corporate clients with a range of discrete seamless luxury lifestyle management services. To do this we have an impeccable and trusted team of luxury lifestyle mangers and network of professional services partners ranging from legal to financial advisors to property and recruitment consultants.

“We have an impeccable and trusted network
of professional services.”

Our bespoke lifestyle management services include:

Whether you have a special car that needs special care, you are looking for a new motor that you can take for a spin or are building a collection of classic cars, we know how important it can be to have your own autos on hand when you need them.

Cevalon’s Classic, Sports, SUV, Luxury Car Purchase, Storage, Transportation & Maintenance services can help source, secure and service all your private vehicles.

Whether you need your Porsche Cayenne delivered to your mountain lodge, your Tesla Roadster cleaned and serviced after a drive on the Autobahn or are looking to add a Rolls Royce Phantom to your fleet, we will make it happen.

Lifestyle Management 1

Whether you’re in training for a marathon or in need of some well-earned rest and recuperation, Cevalon’s Health & Sports Club Memberships, Wellness & Nutrition Planning Services can provide access to a wide range of professionals and facilities to get you feeling fit and confident.

Let Cevalon’s network of dietitians, personal trainers, yoga teachers and health professionals guide you through, fitness, wellness and mindfulness programmes to get you into shape physically and mentally.

With services across the globe, we can help you detox, get into shape or just make some breathing space at a retreat in a luxury villa or in the comfort of your own home.

Lifestyle Management 2a

Running a household efficiently can feel like running a business, so let Cevalon take the work out of the house and give you more time and space to enjoy your home.

We can assess the specific requirements of your household to ensure you have the right domestic staff on hand for all of your family’s particular preferences and priorities.

We can recruit or recommend your perfect household team, from the trusted nanny for your toddler to the chef who keeps up with your daughter’s changing favourite foods to the housekeepers and gardeners ensuring your home is always just that, home.

Lifestyle Management 2

When it’s time to celebrate, a special occasion should be just that – whether it’s an intimate cocktail evening for select friends, a magical party for all the extended family or a grand corporate event that guests will talk about for years to come.

Highly skilled, infinitely creative and with an exquisite eye for detail, Cevalon’s Party & Event Management services will conjure up an exquisitely individual experience from start to finish.

From the initial sparks of a plan until long after the last guest has left the party, Cevalon’s seamless preparation and elegant imagination will ensure your event is perfectly, unforgettably tailored to you.

Lifestyle Management 3

To give your child the best possible start in life, they must have the right education that meets their specific needs.

Cevalon’s Education, Schools & University Consultancy services can recommend and connect you with the best schools and education institutions in the world.

We can provide access to the finest private tutors, leading mentors and offer impartial advice regarding special education needs (SEN) and studying at home or abroad – from nursery through to university.

Lifestyle Management 11

While it is always important to get away from it all once-in-a-while, nothing is more important than having somewhere that always feels like home.

Cevalon’s Home & Property service offers a wide range of property services and capabilities, from landscaping to home-sitting and from spring cleaning to interior design.

So whether your home needs moving, remodelling or simply day-to-day managing and maintenance, it is all under control.

Lifestyle Management 5

Whether you’re buying, selling or building searching for the right land and property to invest in can be a minefield.

Cevalon’s Corporate & Private Land & Property service will turn a headache into peace of mind, partnering with the finest international agents to find the right deals for you with no obligations attached and ensure your property is always in safe hands.

We work with a specially selected network of off-market contacts and property experts to provide detailed research and understanding of the opportunities and possibilities in markets around the world.

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